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Early morning shooting was accidental

June 7, 2007

Lee County -- One man is shot in what Sheriff's deputies are calling an accidental shooting in Lee County. 

Twenty one year olds James Thomas Hardy and Alder Stegall had just pulled out of Hardy's driveway in a white truck when neighbors on Pine Manor heard a pop.

Hardy swerved the truck and struck another neighbor's mailbox, that's because he was shot in the leg.

Stegall was checking his Springfield Armory .40 caliber pistol in the passenger seat when the gun went off.

Neighbors called 911, and EMTs arrived to treat Hardy, who was transported to the hospital with non life threatening injuries.

"The important thing is to remember the rules of safety when you're dealing with a gun," said Col. Duane Sapp of the Lee County Sheriff's Office. "Always treat it as if it were loaded even while you're checking to make sure it's not. Always, always, always keep it pointed in a safe direction."

Hardy was taken to a hospital and it recovering. No charges will be filed against his co-worker.

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