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Crime watch programs on the rise

June 6, 2007

Albany -- In a time when crime has no boundary and fewer people know their neighbors, crime watch programs not only build a sense security in the community, they also serve as a way of getting to know your neighbors.

According to the Dougherty County Police, there has been a resurgence in neighborhood crime watch programs. However, the success of these programs is based on awareness.

"You live beside that person everyday, you know what cars should be there and what cars shouldn't. You know when someone looks out of place and when they don't. They certainly work by that aspect, especially if you have someone who is going to pick up the phone and say listen, something doesn't seem right over here at my neighbors."

DCP works proactively with the community in assisting with neighborhood watch programs. If you are interested in starting a crime watch program in your neighborhood, you should contact your local law enforcement agency.


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