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Investigators are looking for a bank robber

June 6, 2007

Newton  --  The bandit used an unusual tactic-- He walked into the bank and told everyone to stay in the back of the building for two hours, or he would harm them and their families.

It happened at the Baker County Bank in Newton around 10:30 Wednesday morning.

Investigators figured out something was fishy when people called them saying no one was in the bank. He's still on the loose, but investigators think they may soon have him in custody.

The man entered the Bank of Baker County and told bank workers that he was going to rob the bank and told them to go to the back.  He told them not to tell police or he would do harm to their family members.

Bank customers continued to come into the bank and found no one working, and that is when police were notified that something was not right. Law enforcement officials from Baker and surrounding counties, the GSP and the GBI surrounded the bank, not knowing if the robber was still inside or not. 

The robber had told the employees to stay in the back for two hours, which they did. At about twelve thirty, the employees saw law enforcement officials outside and let them into the bank.


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