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Slow Down For Safety

June 6, 2007

Albany --  Slow down-- that's the message from people in Doublegate subdivision. The blind drives and sharp turns along streets in the northwest Albany subdivision make for dangerous conditions.  So homeowners are no longer relying solely on posted speed limit signs to do the job.

They're hard to miss. Bright yellow signs remind drivers to slow down. "We're hoping this will curtail speeding in this neighborhood," said Dr. Charles Gillespie.

Especially on East and West Doublegate.  Dr. Gillespie, President of Doublegate's neighborhood watch, says drivers have turned the street into a drag strip. "Main thing is we're trying to make things safe out here, whether it be somebody breaking in a house or speeders."

We caught up with Marie Salter in the middle of her afternoon run. "There is definitely a speeding problem in this area."

It's so bad, she won't run late in the day. "I don't run past dark, because I know that people in cars don't see the runners or walker for that matter."

So she's glad to see the bright signs, and hopes they're sending a clear message. "I know that I've been watching them closer as a driver, and I would like to think that, they're very visible, and I think people probably do see them, so hopefully they're taking heed and slowing down."

So she can be safe sharing the road with drivers.  If you would like to send a message to drivers in your neighborhood, you can find the signs on the Internet: .



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