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Gray Senior Center needs more money

June 5, 2007

Albany - The city of Albany, once again, bails out Gray Senior Center. Commissioner Jon Howard asked fellow commissioners for $20,000 which will help the facility run for the next three or four months.

He says private fundraising will also take place and that this is the last time the senior center, where 25-35 people attend on regular basis, will need to ask for help from the city. It was a tight vote. Commissioners Gurr, Dorough and Langstaff all voted against giving the center any more money.

Nancy DiPietro says she's been going to the center for years and would be devastated if it closed. "This gives you a reason to get up in the morning. WE get so close to each other that you would miss that if you didn't have it," she said.

The vote isn't a done deal, commissioners must vote again.



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