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Commission draws a bulls eye on Boxer's

June 5, 2007

Albany --  City commissioners are looking into ways to shut down a controversial Albany nightclub. Boxer's on Dawson Road has been the scene of several large fights and is the target of complaints from people who live near it. Now, commissioners are checking to see what it will take to calm down or shut down the establishment.

Albany city commissioner Bo Dorough has received lots of calls and complaints about Boxers. "I've had an inordinate number of complaints." he says.

As has Mayor Willie Adams. "The latest one I've heard is about the so called big fights, gang activity, etc."

And that latest call was a call for action. "Boxers is under investigation, and if after the conclusion of the investigation to seek revocation, then they will pursue that course," said Dorough.

But there is no immediate method of revoking the establishments alcohol license, even though it is a privilege. "Some citizens believe since it is a so called privilege license that a license can be revoked without a due process hearing."

But that's not the case. Commissioners must have a valid reason to revoke the license, so they've put the city attorney and city manager to work, looking for any ordinance violations that could lead to a revocation.

That's news Roger Marietta, who lives in the area, is happy to hear. "There's a certain level of crime we just can't tolerate, and when it starts shooting and knives are being used, drunken driving accidents and property damage, then that's crossed the line."

And he says something must be done. "It either has to be shut down, or liquor license taken away."

And it seems, the mayor and his board are in accord.  "I certainly understand that some action needs to be taken."

Before more problems arise, as Marietta fears they will. "That may just be the tip of the iceberg."

We couldn't reach the lawyer for Boxers' owner Darlene Slaymaker for a comment. A Lake Park neighborhood watch meeting is scheduled for Thursday at 6:30 at Porterfield Methodist Church, mainly to discuss concerns about Boxer's.