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Will Albany have cable competition?

June 4, 2007

Albany --  A new law that goes into effect in January will allow more competition in the cable TV business. That means Albany may have an option of who to turn to for your cable.

In addition to Mediacom, AT&T may soon be in the area, and the competition could boost to customer service.

A twenty year contract between the county and Mediacom will end next year. Not a moment too soon for County Commissioner Jack Stone.

"We don't want to be locked in, not just Mediacom, we don't want to get locked in to anybody, we want to do anything we can to give the best service to the people of Dougherty County," said Stone.

And he says service is what has been lacking from the cable company. "Anytime you don't have competition, you get poor service. You got competition, you're going to get better service. That's a fact. It's just a fact."

Pam Roberts doesn't necessarily agree. She says her cable service has been fine, other than the bill. "The only problem I have is the bill going up more and more," said Roberts.

And perhaps long lines when she pays that bill. "So long I got out of line. I'll just come back later."

And although her issues with Mediacom are minor. She does hope for competition. "Maybe they would be a rate down, if people are having a problem with the service, do better with the service."

Stone says he's already seeing changes. "They've done better recently."

Perhaps hoping to deliver better service to the customers in order to keep them, even with competition.

County Commissioners did extend Mediacom's contract, but only through next April.

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