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Democrats clash on war on terror, Iraq

June 4, 2007

  MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) - A year and a-half before the election, the Democrats who want to be president have faced each other in another joint appearance. Sunday night's TV debate was broadcast by CNN from New Hampshire, which holds the leadoff primary.

 The dominant themes were once again Iraq and how to keep the nation secure. Frontrunner Hillary Clinton defended her initial vote in favor of the war as "sincere" and again declined to renounce it.

Former Senator John Edwards, fighting to gain ground on Clinton and Barack Obama, criticized both of them for not speaking out "loudly and clearly" against the war last month even though they voted against continued funding.

Among the other candidates, when asked what they would do first if elected, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich said he'd get rid of all nuclear weapons and "reshape the world for peace."

Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel said he'd remind congressional leaders that they have the power to end the war in Iraq right now.

 Republicans hold their next debate Tuesday night, also in New Hampshire.

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