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Protect those eyes this summer

June 3, 2007

Albany - - Summer may mean fun in the sun, but it can also be harmful to your eyes if you're not doing your part to protect them. 

Doctors say sunglasses are a lot more than fashion, they can help prevent you from serious eye problems.

During the summer months, intensity of ultra violet rays triple. Constant direct exposure to UV rays can cause problems like macular degeneration, a condition that can weaken your vision. Cataracts are also a problem. That's the leading cause of blindness.

Doctors recommend sunglasses with polarized lenses. 

"Fisherman especially love the type of lens that's polarized because they can see into the water a bit deeper, they can see fish. People that are on the road quite a bit also prefer it because there's not as much glare off of windshields or trucks or things of that nature," says Dr. Dylan Belt.

Wearing sunglasses anytime you're in the sun can be helpful. Tints that are brown, gray, or green may work best for blocking out visible light.


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