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Your money helps area children get medical care

June 2, 2007

Albany - - Did you know that all of the money collected locally through the Children's Miracle Network stays right here in South Georgia? Had it not been for the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit, which is supported by the C.M.N., one Albany family would have had a hard time with their new born who turns two this year.

Calling little James active may be an understatement.

"From the time he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep, he's wide open," says Emmorith King.

His parents, Emmorith and Tumila King have to have just as much energy to keep up.

"It takes its toll but you gather and you keep going and it makes you a stronger person," Tumila King says.

Because they realize they're thankful to have him. Almost two years ago, Tumila was at her baby shower when something strange happened. She got sick and went to the emergency room. After examining her, doctors prescribed her medicine for food poisoning.

"When that happened, she said 'I think my water broke'. And the nurse was like no maybe that's something else. And she said 'no I think my water broke," King says.

Thirty minutes later, James arrived....six weeks early. He weighed three pounds. For three months, James had to stay at the hospital as doctor's worked to help him gain weight.

"Just being able to have that here close to home where we didn't have to travel so far to go see him because that would've made it worse. We would've had to cut back visits instead of every night going we would've had to go on weekends," King says.

Now James is fine.

"He's funny, like his daddy. He's a jokester."

He also shares another trait with dad. "

"He's got daddy's head," they say with a laught.

And he also has a chance at life, which his parents call their miracle.

"When he gets older he has a story and a testimony to tell." 

Thanks to the help of people like you, the Children's Miracle Network raised $246,500 this year.


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