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Stocks look good for Flowers investors

June 1, 2007

Thomasville--  If you've ever been to downtown Thomasville, you know one of the identifying features is the smell of fresh bread baking.   That major corporation that calls Thomasville home, Flowers Foods, is continuing to grow.  

Flowers bakery has been a constant in Thomasville since its start in 1919, but a lot has changed.  In the '60s the company went public, from there it has skyrocketed.  "Our company has grown from 30 million in the 60s to 2 billion in sales today," says Marta Jones Turner, Senior VP of Corporate Relations for Flowers.

At today's meeting, the C.E.O proudly announced their shareholders are getting a three for two split of the company's stock and a 50% stock dividend.

While they've continued to grow across the country, their roots are here.  "We have about 14,000 employees and associates company-wide, about 500 are here in Thomas County. Our corporate offices are here, the original bakery is here," says Turner.

It's the largest manufacturing employer in Thomasville, but their impact goes beyond the jobs they bring.  Thomasville Chamber of Commerce President Don Sims comments, "we're one of the few rural communities that's seeing major areas in the downtown areas in investment and Flowers has been a major part of that."

Recently Flowers was named by Forbes as one of the best managed companies in the country.  Sims adds, "flowers has been able to have a continuity of leadership that's unparalleled."  In fact, they've had only five C.E.O's in the history of the company.

While the management stays constant, the company does its best to keep up with the times.  "Our bakeries today are models of efficiency using computers throughout," says Turner.

And as they continue to succeed, their hometown will keep reaping the benefits.  "We are most appreciative too as shareholders of the $5 million plus that flows back into this community as part of profits of a very well run business," says Sims. 




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