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Eagles may leave endangered species list

June 1, 2007

Albany -- The American bald eagle is one of the symbols of the United States and thanks to preservation efforts may soon be removed from the endangered species list.

The Parks at Chehaw have two of the majestic birds. They both have injured wings, and can't be released into the wild.

The population of bald eagles dwindled year ago due to pesticides. Now the birds are thriving and can even be seen in the wild, but Chehaw director Dough Porter says they're often hurt by cars, and even gun shots.

He says we should all be more respectful of the birds. "One of the things that always puzzles me is that a lot of these birds come to us with gun shot wounds, and I think how could you make a mistake, surely you know what that bird is that's flying with the big white head,"

Even if the bald eagle is removed from the Endangered Species protection, it will still be strongly protected by federal law.

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