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Gas tax climbs

June 1, 2007

Albany  -- Just as gas prices began to slide back down, you can expect another hike at the pumps.   That's because of a two cent sales tax that went into effect Friday.

The tax didn't affect prices at Woodall's. Regular unleaded was still $2.92, the same as yesterday.

Kenny Tatum says he already spends about thirty bucks on gas each day and any additional money he has to spend will put an even bigger dent in his wallet.   "I think it's ridiculous. I really do. No, we're having a hard time with this gasoline."      

In Albany, the average price of regular unleaded is $2.97 a gallon. The state average is $3.05. But the national average is $3.18. And you may actually appreciate the price you're paying at the pumps when you hear that in Illinois, the average price is $3.48.