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Albany prepares for hurricane season

May 31, 2007

Albany-  With an unusually dry May, hurricane season is actually offering some hope this year.

It starts Friday and public works crews are usually getting ready by draining holding ponds. Because of the drought, those ponds are down 20 percent. So the city is preparing in other ways for hurricane season. They're testing the city's 20 storm stations that sweep excess water from the city's sewer system. They're also cleaning drainage ditches.

"We really emphasize running those nine street sweepers five days a week, now primarily to keep the storm drains clean of the leaves and pine straw because that's a big problem in Albany.  With Albany being so flat, the topography being so flat, if we didn't run that fleet of street sweepers the localized flooding that you see now would be a lot worse," said Phil Roberson, Albany Public Works Director.

Albany has the biggest fleet of street sweepers south of Atlanta. Roberson emphasized citizen's need to do their part by not dumping debris from their yards in the drainage ditches.