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Wildcats Form The Mule Nation

May 29, 2007

Albany -- The 6-2 South Georgia Wildcats already have twice as many wins this season as they did all of last year.

The Cats are among the top scoring teams in the league at close to 60-points per game, and much of the credit can be given to the big guys up front.

The offensive line of the South Georgia Wildcats may be the strongest area on the team with just five sacks allowed all season, but they don't always get the credit.

David Walker says, "I'm an offensive lineman so hey, that's my stat. I don't have receptions or touchdowns, so the sacks mean a lot."

Offensive line coach Randy Leindecker says, "They don't get many props, but its probably been that way since they were playing pee wee football."

While they may not be getting a lot of attention, the offensive line is making a name for itself....literally. 

Welcome to "The Mule Nation."

Lineman Kentrell Blatcher says, "The Mule Nation is simple, it's this: If you have a mule, mules always pull the wagon, and the offensive line is pulling the wagon on this team."

Quarterback D. Bryant says, "All I know is it's 5 or 6 big guys up front that are working their tails off to keep me off the ground."

The line is a big reason why the Cats have the second ranked offense in the league.

"We were fussing one day," says Blatcher, "saying no one appreciates us, except for D, and we were like, 'We're mules'."

The quarterback says he always makes sure he takes care of his lineman.

"I take those guys out to eat sometimes, or just sit around and talk football," says Bryant.  "It doesn't take a lot to get those guys happy."

Bryant chose to keep the amount the line can eat under wraps, but Kentrell Blatcher has some final food for thought.

"We're going to play hard, we're going to run to the line, we're going to do it all," says Blatcher. "Everybody out there should become a part of the Mule Nation. 'Mule Nation.' Remember that."

The Wildcats kick off against Corpus Christi Saturday at 7:30 pm.

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