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Families enjoy Memorial Day at the park

May 28, 2007

Crisp County--  Many of you are winding down from a busy, fun-filled Memorial Day weekend. Thousands of people had their fun at Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park in Crisp County. Park rangers say this year's crowd was even bigger than last year. Many people made this Memorial Day a memorable one.

With the sun and the lake in the background, Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park is the setting for lots of horsing around.

Collis Givens said, "For the holiday, we just came out to have a good time."

The Joyner and Givens families spend the day playing horseshoes.  They came to the park from Montezuma, ready for whatever else the day brings.

"Nobody has to work so we gotta do our thing," said Givens.

The main things will be playing games and of course eating, courtesy of park and family cook RoRo Joyner.

"Cooking a little bit of hot dogs and sausage on the grill. Trying to cook up some stuff for the family," said Joyner.

They're not alone. You could see and smell the same sentiment all over the park. "We have some hamburgers, italian sausage, some Texas ribs," said JoAnn Trujillo.

Trujillo says smoky grills aside, there's something very important about today. "About being together you know, being together with your friends," said Trujillo.

But it's not just friends and family that brought everyone here. Amidst the fun, people say they remember.

"The veterans. My grandpa, he got killed over there a long time ago," said Brandi Akins.

"Because of the veterans, you know they fought for us and everything," said Brandy Newsome.

The veterans made Memorial Day possible and made it possible for families to come together. For the Givens and Joyner families, it's rare.

"That's about the only time they get together anyway is a holiday. Other than that, they don't get together," said Givens.

So they're thankful.

"Because it's a special day to get together and enjoy yourself," said Joyner. If only everyday were like Memorial Day.  That's why families always make the one day a memorable one.

Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park has more than a million visitors a year. They're looking for a record number of visitors this year.  

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