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High waters, high gas

May 28, 2007

Crisp County--  High gas prices didn't seem to keep many boaters off the water this holiday weekend.

At the marina at Lake Blackshear, regular unleaded was going for $3.25 a gallon on Monday. That's more than 25 cents higher than the current average in Albany.

Boater Greg Kirk has a boat and two jet skis to fill up, so he's watching his money. He didn't let the gas prices steal his holiday excitement.

"What we did this weekend, we just kind of idled everything down. We drove a little slower and just putted around and used a lot less gas that way. So we were cost conscious but we had a good time," said Kirk.

Marina workers say they get a few surprised looks from boaters when they see the price for gas but most say go ahead and fill it up.

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