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Cordele family seeks medical assistance

May 28, 2007

Cordele--A south Georgia man dying from terminal cancer needs your help.

Doctors diagnosed Jimmy Mansfield of Cordele with lung cancer three years ago. Shortly after that diagnosis, Mansfield found out he had an inoperable brain tumor.

Just last week, tragedy struck again when Mansfield suffered a stroke that left him partially paralyzed.

News 10 spoke with family members who say they're desperately trying to raise money for their loved one's medical expenses.

For 43-year-old Jimmy Mansfield, everyday is a struggle to live.

"When they told me I had no chance of recovering, they sent me home to die," says Mansfield.

In 2004, doctors diagnosed Mansfield with lung cancer. He found the devastating news hard to swallow.

"Because I had never been sick before," he says.

But his health only got worse.

"After chemotheraphy and all, I developed a tumor in my brain," he says.

This scar on the side of his head serves as reminder of the long hours surgeons spent trying to remove it.

"How big was the tumor your brain? (Reporter) The size of an apple," says Mansfield.

Sadly, doctors couldn't take out all of it.

"It's attached to the main artery of my brain," he says.

The surgery improved Mansfield's vision and his headaches went away---that is until:

"I started having these strokes," he says.

He's had three in the past year. His most recent stroke happened just a week ago.

"I'm totally paralyzed on my left side. I can't get around by myself," he says.

He's depends completely on family for help.

"It's been rough for the entire family," says Laura Arnett, Manfield's sister.

Mansfield's sister has devoted much of her time to make sure her brother is able to get around.

"I started to call local vendors trying to get donations for materials to build a deck and ramp," says Arnett.

In the past few days, volunteers built a ramp for Mansfield.

"We want to make him as independent as he can be. Our next goal is to try and raise money to get him a power chair,"she says.

For now, Mansfield waits patiently for it.

 "That's about all I can do really," he says.

And continues taking one day at time.

"I just try to do the best I can. I wouldn't wish this on anybody else," he says.

Mansfield's family is planning a bake sale to help pay for his medical expenses. It will be the weekend of June 8th and 9th in front of the Belk store in Cordele.

Some of Manfield's family will also be there selling home-made jewelry.

For more information, you can contact Mansfield's sister at 271-2881. The family hopes to raise enough money to buy also buy a lift for Mansfield's power chair.




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