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What you should know while grilling

May 26, 2007

Albany - - This Holiday weekend, many of you are spending time with family and friends. For some of you, part of that fellowship means time outside and of course grilling. But too often, people forget to keep safety in mind when they take the grill and that can put a big damper on the holiday.

Geno Barfield isn't a pro at grilling, but he enjoys it.

"Oh yeah I love it. Oh yeah. It just tastes good to me and it's relaxing."

Hotdogs, and hamburgers are a familiar treat during the holiday. He doesn't have any special technique to bring out that good ole grilled taste.

"Slap it on the grill and try to keep the kids away from it."

That's just what experts recommend. Because in case you forgot, that grill is hot.

"You want to make sure while you're cooking that they're out in the yard playing or outside," says Jennifer Patterson with Lowe's.

Just in case the kids want to get a sneak peek at the food, don't let them she says.

"Long as you close the lid and keep them away from that then that's good."

This also applies to your pets.

Depending on if you're using a gas grill or a charcoal grill, you'll need certain items on hand.

"You never know when a piece of charcoal could fall out on the grown and you'll have your water standing by. Your eye protection, you never now when grease might pop you in the face."

And for a gas grill, she recommends keeping a fire extinguisher on hand just in case the flames get out of hand.

"You always want to think of safety because that's when all of your accidents happen during holidays, just carelessness."

Barfield is taking careful note so that he can dish up a good meal safely.

We asked him if the food's gonna be tasty when he's finished.

"Depends how hungry you are. The hungrier you are, the better it is," he says with a smile.

That's a whole other story in itself. 

Experts also say when grilling don't walk away from the grill for a long period of time. Make sure someone is always nearby.

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