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Thomasville contractor builds energy efficient homes

May 25, 2007

Thomasville-- From hybrid cars to compact Fluorescent light bulbs, there are energy efficient versions for many products.  One of the largest purchases you'll ever make, your home, can be certified as energy efficient too.    

"All the consumption we're having in energy, well, we can do something about it. We have the power to do something about it and we want to do that," says Marlene Bienes of Capital Home Builders & Development Inc. 

They're building one of Thomasville's first energy efficient houses   "Your standard homes have air vents. Well this home is sealed, and that's to keep your cooling and air within the home," says Bienes.

The homes also have energy efficient windows and doors. They also use a sprayed foam insulation which helps regulate the temperature.  "Your AC is working less, so its not pulling that much energy," explains Bienses.

This home is being built from the ground up as energy efficient but you can check your own home's efficiency by doing an energy audit. 

An energy audit can help pinpoint exactly where your home is losing energy. It will show you things like the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, how to conserve hot water, and other tips that could save you a lot of money over time.

"We're not only being a part of helping our environment, we're also trying to give the consumer some savings," adds Bienes.

If you look at your home as a long term investment, an energy efficient home may be the way to go.  "You may spend a couple dollars more but guess what? In the first five years your return would be higher," says Bienes.

Capital Home Builders say they hope other contractors will soon follow their lead, so eventually these energy saving add-ons will one day be the standard for every home.

If your home is certified as energy efficient, the government could pay you back with a tax break.



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