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Time running out to plant crops

May 25, 2007

Lee County-- Farmers are running out of time to plant as they wait for rain to dampen their fields.  Many farmers are hurrying to at least get some crops in the ground by the end of May.

Many crops must be planted by then in order to qualify for crop insurance. Lee County extension officials say time is running out as the wait for rain drags on and many crop seeds will only last so long in the dry soil.

"Insurance deadlines are closing in on us and people are having to plant seed into dry soil. Cotton can pretty well stand being put into dry soil, the seed can sit there for up to a month and when we get rains it can come up and do pretty well. Peanuts we really don't like to put them into dry soil, but people are having to" said Lee County Extension Coordinator Doug Collins.

 Many cattle farmers in South Georgia are now seeing feed problems develop due to the drought conditions. That could leave them with no option but to sell their cattle.

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