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Troopers predict deadly holiday traffic in Georgia

May 25, 2007

Albany -- South Georgia roads are already crowded, and drivers are speeding. Georgia State Patrol Sergeant Scott Woodell said "already we've got 31 citations for high speeders already."

And speeding drivers are the reason for sobering predictions of a deadly 78 hour travel period. Officials predict 18 traffic deaths, one more than last year's holiday period. 

 Troopers predict 2,235 traffic crashes and 989 injuries on Georgia's roads. Woodell said "that's too many, if people would just slow down."

Georgia law enforcement has put all the cars they can on the roads, hoping that heavy presence will make drivers slow down. Woodell says most of the speeders they are seeing in South Georgia are vacationing. Woodell said "the multitude of the traffic that we see are beach goers, or people just getting out of town for the long weekend."

Troopers are urging drivers to slow down, and they are giving tickets to make the roads safer. Woodell said "seat belts, impaired drivers, and speeders. Trying to get them all slowed down because those are what is killing people on our highways. "

In 2005's Memorial Day weekend, all the people killed on Georgia's roads were not wearing seat belts. Last year nine of the 17 people killed were not buckled up.

So Troopers are urging you to buckle up, and slow down, so that you don't become one of the 18 people predicted to die on Georgia's roads this holiday weekend.


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