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Fire shouldn't have been started

May 24, 2007

Albany   --  A fire that destroyed two tractor trailer rigs on West Oglethorpe in Albany yesterday was accidental and apparently illegal. Someone was burning trash at Bradford Construction Company Wednesday afternoon.  The fire spread quickly and destroyed two trucks.

Firefighters say it's illegal for businesses to burn, but they're not sure who started the fire so they don't plan to cite anyone.

They do want you to report any burning you see during this dangerous dry period. "The density of the population is anybody burning can affect the neighbors as far as their respiratory conditions.  So if you see somebody burning, if you don't know if it's a legitimate fire or not, call us and we'll check it out and make that decision," said Albany Fire Chief James Carswell.    

Homeowners are allowed to burn yard debris with a permit, but firefighters say it is too dry now, and they urge people not to burn anything outdoors.


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