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The 820th trains for battle

May 24, 2007

Moody Air Force Base - The 820th Security Forces Group is an elite ground forces unit at Moody Air Force Base. It's broken into three squadrons, one of which is constantly deployed.  "We have one unit that's deployed, one unit that's training and another unit that's reconstituting and it's a cycle," says Tech Sergeant Donnie Bolton of the 824th Security Forces Squadron.

And their training plays a vital role in keeping these troops safe behind enemy lines.  "The more we train, the safer we can operate because the more efficient we can do our jobs," says Senior Airmen Brett Darby.

"If we didn't train on a day to day basis, when we go over there we'd be giving them the upper hand," adds SSgt Brandon Charboneau.

But their war zones and battle lines are constantly changing.  With the ever changing ground situations, the 820th Security Forces group face new challenges each time they deploy.

This M.O.U.T village helps them prepare for those war time scenarios.  "We never knows what they are going to do, we have to prepare for any and every scenario in order to keep us safe over there," SSgt Charboneau says.

This village is a new addition to the base. It helps them recreate the environments they'd face while deployed.

And allows them to bring their experiences from the front lines back to Moody.  "Things change here and there and we just have to adapt to them," says SSgt David Martinez.

Today, they're locating and capturing a high priority target.  "Vehicles provide watch, teams go in, picks them up, extracts them and we leave," Darby says.

Within two minutes, they've done their job and are rolling out of harms way. Another successful training mission under their belt...readying them for their real mission in Iraq.  "It basically assures mission success when we deploy and make sure all our guys come home," Bolton says.

This group will deploy in the next few months and feel certain their training will help them safely complete their security missions overseas.


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