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Emergency rooms prepare for influx

May 23, 2007

Albany--  Holiday and summertime injuries will soon be coming to an emergency room near you. Hospital workers expect to see a surge in patients starting this weekend. Memorial Day weekend begins a common season of bumps and bruises. How can you stay safe this summer?

At 6 p.m. on Friday, thousands of cars will hit the road for the official start of the Memorial Day Weekend. South Georgians have already made out their weekend checklists.

Jasmine Brannon said, "Chilling on the beach drinking margaritas."

Fun in the sun?  Check.

"Ribs and chicken," said Tina Nguyen.

Barbecue?  Check.

"I'm excited, ready to leave and go on vacation," said Nguyen. People are ready for a getaway.  But a trip to the emergency room? That's certainly not on the to do list.  Unfortunately, it happens.

"With the Memorial Day weekend coming up, we're going to see a kickoff of the summer related accidents," said Sarah Moore with Palmyra Medical Center's Emergency Room.

Moore has seen it all in her 27 years in medicine. An ER spike begins with Memorial Day and lasts through the summer. "A lot of motor vehicle crashes. A lot of trauma," said Moore.

You name it, it can happen. "Boating injuries, ATV injuries, sunburns, and just dehydration from being out in the sun too long," said Moore.

People even get hurt from something as simple as working in the lawn or preparing food on the grill. Moore just wants everyone to be safe, especially while driving.

"Don't drink and drive and if you're going to crank up your barbecue grill this weekend be sure to observe fire safety because we are in a drought," said Moore.

There will be no shortage in the ER. They will be prepared for the increase in patients. "We increase staff and supplies," said Moore.

Moore hopes the extra resources aren't needed though and people hope they don't need to require those services.  To prevent it, they'll be careful.

"Very important. I want to live you know so it's very important," said Brannon.

That way safety makes the list and stays there.

Palmyra emergency workers say they also see a lot of allergic reactions this time of year.  

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