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Thanks to EMS Heroes

May 23, 2007

Albany -- This is National E-M-S Week, a time to honor the men and women who work in Emergency Medical Services. One Albany man  says he is still alive thanks to three paramedics. \

Brother Marion Holliday says he is thankful Emergency Medical Services workers were ready when he needed help. Brother Marion Holliday said "got a few more years in me, I hope. Thanks to them? Yes, thanks to them."

Last month the 82 year old Pastor started having trouble breathing while driving to his South Albany home. Holliday said "just as I turned before I got to my house, I passed out. I don't remember."

 Holliday's car crashed through the fence and hit this house. Neighbors called 911. EMS Supervisor Boyd Brown was driving nearby when he heard the call. EMS Shift Supervisor Boyd Brown said "I initiated CPR when I found he was not breathing, and did not have a pulse."

Ambulances arrived soon to help. Paramedic Kenny Kimbrell said "we had a problem removing the patient. So we were able to immediately stabilize him for trauma, and then continue CPR."

Paramedics knew they had only minutes to save his life. Paramedic Sylvia Wilson said "I climbed in the back trying to get the seat back, to where we could get the patient out."

They had to get the car off the house, but finally freed Holliday from the wreck. Wilson said "we got him loaded in the ambulance and was able to get a pulse back on him. He was taken to Phoebe."

 Holliday recovered, he gave full credit to the paramedics. Men and women who train and prepare to handle emergency calls of all types anytime of the day or night. Brown said "this is just one of the good outcomes that we all work for and strive for."

Kimbrell said "it's not for the money. It's for the pleasure of helping people. Seeing the rewards of someone coming to you, patting you on the back, saying thank you."

But paramedics say getting a thank you is a rare experience for them. Wilson said "not most people. It's really kind of rare that you get the recognition for what you do."

Marion Holliday is one of those rare people who knows how important the Paramedics in the community are. Holliday said "they just don't get the credit they deserve. And I appreciate it so much."

Brown, Wilson, and Kimbrell will receive the Lifesaver Award for their outstanding work helping Holliday.

As part of National EMS Week, Dougherty County paramedics will have an ambulance at the Albany Mall Thursday to let you see one up close and talk to paramedics who work in the community.


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