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Illegal dumpers... warrants have been taken for you

May 23, 2007

Albany - It's one of the worst illegal dump sites the director of Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful has ever seen, and here's why: A pile of trash was dumped over a bridge off of Gravel Hill Road and into Dry Creek in Southeast Dougherty County.

Judy Bowles says what's so bad about this pile of trash is that when it does rain, water will carry it down the creek, and some hazardous materials could even get into the water. A warrant has been taken for 20-year-old Prichard Colby of Albany and 51-year-old Debra Mills of Leesburg. Only problem is, code enforcement officers can't find them and they need your help.

Bowles said, "It's a health hazard. It's just inexcusable. It's against the law. It's going to cause problems for the ecosystem if it gets into the waterway. There's nothing good about it."

Investigators say it was easy to find out who the trash belonged to, personal items were dumped in the creek bed. If you know where Prichard Colby or Debra Mills may be, call Code Enforcement at 438-3913.



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