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Truckers say that diesel is a weasel

May 22, 2007

Albany--  Gas prices reached another record Tuesday. In fact, if you adjust them for inflation, prices are now even higher than the all-time record set more than 25 years ago.

It's not just gasoline seeing a surge. Diesel isn't too far behind. Truckers are feeling the impact and they say you could too.

Give many truck drivers an open road and they're ready to go. Warren Case said, "I like the coming and going."

"Just being able to travel everywhere," said Herbert Mitchell.

But while they enjoy the freedom of the road, fuel definitely isn't free. Some are lucky though.

Mitchell said, "Personally it doesn't affect me until I go home and use my vehicle because the fuel for the truck is paid for by the trucking company."

Still, the trucking companies they work for are struggling with the rising costs of diesel. Independent trucker William Ball pays his own way and it isn't easy.

"Fuel keeps going up. We're making less and we're barely making a living as it is," said Ball. After 30 years, this is the worst he's seen. He says there's a weasel behind the price of diesel.

"I believe we're getting ripped off," said Ball. You may not feel too sorry for truckers like Ball but this might make you reconsider. When their prices increase, you could pay in the long run.

"It ends up coming back to the consumer," said Case.

The increasing prices truckers pay for diesel can be reflected in everything from goods to services. Case said, "If they get increases on the fuel then they'll have to increase the freight rates."

At the rate that things are going, Ball isn't sure how much longer he'll be able to hang in there. "I'm getting out of it. I've been out here long enough and I just don't see an operator making it out here with the fuel going up as it is," said Ball.

There will be one less trucker in the numbers while the numbers on the pump continue to rise.

Right now, the national average for diesel stands at $2.91 a gallon. That's actually less than a year ago when it was about $2.96 according to Triple-A. The national average for gasoline is now $3.21.  



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