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TB case remains undecided

May 22, 2007

Terrell County-  A Terrell County man with Tuberculosis remains quarantined as the fight over who will transport him to a South Carolina hospital continues. 

Forty one year old Michael Greene is being held in quarantine at the Dougherty County Jail because he refused to follow a health department order to stay indoors or wear a mask.  TB is a contagious and potentially deadly respiratory illness.  Sixteen people out of every 100,000 in Georgia have TB, but not every infection produces an active case.  You can test for it by placing a solution under the skin and waiting 48 hours to see if a person has a reaction.  It usually attacks the lungs. 

"If you can consider what an apple will look like when it has that brown rot on it, you're lungs look very similar to that kind of narcosis. That's a good way to make an analogy for the layperson, that you're lungs will look like that if you're not treated and that's what causes death," said Dan Staib, RN, Infectious Disease Program Director. 

Without treatment, a TB patient can die. The Heath Department had a court order issued to Sheriff John Bowens to transport Greene to a South Carolina hospital for treatment. Bowens refused, calling it a liability for his department. 

Monday, a judge ordered both sides to reach an agreement or he would issue a binding ruling.

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