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Drought stricken grass should bounce back

May 22, 2007

Albany --Most South Georgia grass is extremely parched, but nursery owners say you shouldn't panic. Most varieties will bounce back when the drought ends.

 Greg Daniell of ABC Plant Nursery says most established plants and grass survive even extreme drought.

Though your lawn may be brown or yellow now, Daniell says it probably won't die. Daniell said "centipede is your best all around grass. It's drought tolerant, holds up well during the heat. Little amount of water it will spring back to just like it was before the drought ever started."

Daniell says Bermuda grass is the least drought-tolerant grass.

He recommends crepe myrtles as a tree that needs little water, and knockout roses as a flower that tolerates the heat well.

Daniell says the drought is not hurting his business. Many South Georgians are still planting flowers and trees.

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