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Conditions are wrong for sparklers!

May 22, 2007

Albany --  Sparklers are starting to show up in South Georgia stores, but with such dry conditions, that worries firefighters.

Even though sparklers are legal now in Georgia, firefighters hope you won't use them. A simple sparkler burns at 1600º, and firefighters worry it is too dry for them.

Albany Fire Department Assistant Chief Roderick Jolivette said "It is so dry that just a regular ash or ember can start a big fire."

You can imagine what happens when they drop the sparkler in dry grass. The grass is so dry it pops violently as it burns,and in no time it is ablaze. "That could happen anywhere in South Georgia," Jolivette said.

Firefighters worry that people might let kids play with sparklers over the Memorial Day holiday, even with the extreme danger of wildfires.

Jolivette said, "As you saw with this demonstration, if sparklers touch dry grass you are going to have a big fire."

If you are going to play with sparklers, they have some safety tips. "Make sure you are away from buildings, away from dry grass, in a clear area. We want you to please use safety if you are going to play with sparklers."

And keep a bucket of water or garden hose close by when you play with sparklers, so if a fire does start you can put it out before it gets out of control.

Fire officials say if you start a fire with a sparkler, you will be responsible for the damages.