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Neighbors say turn that music down!

May 22, 2007

Albany - People who live in one Northwest Albany neighborhood say a nightclub has made their nights sleepless. Boxers opened about a year ago, and since then, neighbors of the club say the noise has gotten out of control.  Dozens of complaints have been made, now they are taking those complaints straight to city commissioners.

Rick McDaniel has lived on Watergate in Northwest Albany for more than a decade. "It's been a nice quiet neighborhood for as long as I've been there," he said.

That is until about a year ago when Boxers moved into the neighborhood. "The boom boxes and the shaking of the windows and everything is out of hand," said McDaniel.

In less than a year, there have been more than 200 calls to the location, 31 for loud music. McDaniel says he's made some of the calls about the noise himself, but says it continues to be a problem. He said, "We're ready for some action to be taken."

Noise is just one of the problems folks in the Lake Park neighborhood are concerned about. They're also worried about fights, thefts, drugs, even an aggravated assault that took place there.

Boxers' attorney Jerry Brimberry says he believes someone is bent on shutting down the business.  "I think there are one or two people determined to put her out of business for whatever reason," said Brimberry.

He says owner Darlene Slaymaker has hired off-duty police officers for weekend nights and has even staffed bathrooms to make sure there's no drug activity in the club. "I believe she's leaning over backward to do everything she can to comply with the law," said Brimberry.

But McDaniel says the law is all he's concerned with. He's not trying to shut down anyone. "I'm not so much concerned with them closing Boxers," he said.  "I want them to enforce the ordinance that the city has in place." And Boxers can stay in place, too, so long as they keep things turned down.



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