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Evicted residents want answers from landlord

May 21, 2007

Albany--People who live in an east Albany mobile home park demanded answers and help from their landlord. They didn't get one either. Everyone who lives in Georgian Mobile Estates must move within two months after the mobile home park was sold to a developer who builds Walmarts.

Upset residents gathered outside the main office of the Georgian Mobile Home Estates hoping to get answers from their landlord.

"Come out here and get off your tooty and come out here and help us!" says Myrtle Griner.

Many, like Myrtle Griner, waited patiently, only he never came.

"He don't care about nobody. If he did, he come out here," says Griner.

About 90 families soon must move. They now want the landlord to help them.

"I called him, and he said, 'well, ma'am I can't help you.' They ought to be made to move our trailers out of here," says Griner.

"I didn't see any concerns of helping these persons," says Jose Mendoza.

Nearby pastor Jose Mendoza helped organize the meeting. He's trying to find these people new places to live.

"We're trying to get trailer places and see if they'll let us open up and find out where they can be moved," he says.

Mendoza has even tried to get the landlord to help, but it has done little good.

"He didn't want to get involved or anything or try to help the people," says Mendoza.

"They all on me, blaming me, and I can't help them," says Richard Hobbs.

Richard Hobbs has spent twenty-five years here as the property manager.

"Nobody could be more unhappy than me because I got the brunt of the whole thing," he says.

He says residents shouldn't blame the landlord for the eviction, but the city instead.

"City officials the ones did it. They insisted that it be shut down," he says.

Due to the property's crime. Hobbs admits the place is prone to it.

"Crack dealers, street walkers. We tried to clean it up," he says.

While the evictions are inevitable, Hobbs and mobile home owners like Griner desperately want help from the surrounding community.

"Everybody should pitch in and help us," says Hobbs.

"Help! Please, help us!" says Griner.

The residents got eviction notices last week informing them they have until midnight on July 31st to be out.

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