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Neighbor saves two dogs from burning home

May 21, 2007

Lee County-  Daring actions by a caring neighbor likely saved a Lee County family's pets.  A fire erupted outside the Rogers' home on Long Pine Drive.  A neighbor noticed the flames and called 911, but also made a daring rescue to save two dogs trapped inside. 

Neighbors were first to spot flames in the shrubs behind the Rogers' home. As flames spread to the deck, Amy Greer's thoughts raced to the dogs inside the house.

"I know how fond she is of her dog's, how close she is to them and they're like her babies," said  Amy Greer, a Neighbor.

Amy knew she had to get them out. She raced to the front of the house, smashed out a window, and climbed inside. Just then the fire reached the gas grill, it exploded.

"It felt like it blew the back windows through when it blew and that's when the smoke came through and up through the roof of their house," said Greer.

Amy was able to find the Rogers' smallest dog, Sabrina, as firefighters burst in.

"The firemen kicked in the door and told me to get out of the house," said Greer.

A firefighter found the Rogers' second dog Sandy hiding. When Rusty Rogers arrived from work, he was relieved to see the dogs safe his neighbor's yard.

"I was very please that they had gotten the dogs out, she had already told me, her husband had said it was pretty bad on the telephone," said Rusty Rogers, the homeowner.

Rogers was not surprised it was Amy who had saved them.

"No, Amy's a good neighbor, they're good people, got real good neighbors out here. I'm just proud she did it," said Rogers.

Amy's just happy she could lend a hand and that both dogs are doing fine.

Fire fighters haven't found what sparked the fire. Investigators from the State Fire Marshall's office will inspect the damage Tuesday.



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