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Church wants to build housing for elderly

May 21, 2007

Cairo--  Johnny Moore has been pastor at Family Worship Center for the last thirteen years. For almost that entire time, he's had a vision for what he'd like to see behind his church.  "For probably about 12 years, we first developed a master plan for this property. We had the idea of providing senior adult houses on this property," says Moore.

He says seniors are the fastest growing population in Grady county, but there's very few options for those with low income.  "There will be subsidation that will be provided for those that are on fixed income," says Moore.

Church leaders realized a $1.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development could turn their dream into a reality. 

First the city council had to rezone this land from agricultural to residential.  City Manager William Whitson says, "it was controversial, but again I think the council did an excellent job of hearing all sides."

In the end the council approved the rezoning request, but the church must follow a list of rules to a tee.  "It was basically with a bunch of conditions, a number of conditions that they granted their approval," says Whitson. 

The church must come up with a plan to have better access points for public safety and must own and manage the facility for at least forty years.  "Council felt like overall it was going to be a positive project if the plan was followed," says Whitson.

"We just believe that everybody, even those that were opposed to it, when its said and done will be proud of what we've done here," says Moore.  If the church gets the grant, construction of the seventeen unit complex could start by August of next year.

The church will turn in their application for the federal grant in the next couple of weeks. They'll find out if they're getting it in November.




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