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Miller Brewing employees sign new contract

May 20, 2007

Albany--Miller Brewing employees have finally accepted a new contract but most of them are still not happy with it.

Union members filed into Dougherty High this afternoon to vote on their new contract from Miller Brewing. Initially, they rejected the new contract again and voted to strike.

But In order for that strike to have occurred, two-thirds of the employees had to agree to it.  That didn't happen and by default employees agreed to the new contract this Sunday. Many employees left angry.

"There's a lot of anxiety right now.  There's a lot of sustantial changes to the contract that are really not in the best interest of the workers," says Alan Williams, an employee representative.

About 300 employees attended the meeting.  Employees would not discuss specifics of the new contract but say part of the contract will mean paying more for health insurance.



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