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Click it or Ticket...For Real

May 20, 2007

May - - This month began the 100 days of summer HEAT campaign by law enforcement to prevent the number of crashes. With the Memorial holiday coming up, officers are using this week to warn drivers of heavy enforcement on Georgia's roads. We rode along with a Dougherty Police Officer to give you a taste of what officers are thinking as a heavy travel period approaches.

"We'll look for the obvious like a person not having their seatbelt on. We'll look for aggressive drivers," says Dougherty County Police Officer Bill Smith. 

If you've heard it once, you've heard it twice. But police says some need to hear it again.

I've personally worked accidents where had it not been for the seatbelt, instead of injuries, it could've been a fatality."

With his hand on the wheel and his eyes on you, this cop says he and his fellow officers are watching, especially this upcoming weekend.

"It's more concentrated given the high number of vehicles on the roadway."

They'll write you up for something as simple as not wearing a seatbelt.

Think officers are doing too much? They don't care. If you've got a kid in the car, you could get a ticket costing you $75.00.

They're also looking for drunk drivers and the all too common speeders.

We spotted one of those racers as we rode along with police.

"I'm going to stop this vehicle for 76 in a 55."

It can happen to you.

"Good afternoon sir. The reason I stopped you is cause you were traveling 76 in a 55," Davis tells the driver.

If you're speeding and suddenly see a cop, don't think you're off the hook just because you hit the brakes.

"Because they decided to slow down after seeing the police is a little bit after the fact."

Officers are also launching a campaign to encourage you to buckle up at all times, not just during the day.

"Sometimes people get laxed because they feel police aren't looking as hard because its not daylight out."

The bottom line...enjoy the holiday.

"But do it safe."

And know that officers will be out, ready to slow you down if you can't do it on your own. The last time the Governor's Office of Highway Safety recorded fatalities related to seatbelts, they found 726 people died in one year.

Monday, state officers will announce a new Click it or Ticket campaign called "Day and Night" to crack down on drivers who don't wear a seatbelt after dark.


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