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Thomasville's gone to the dogs

May 18, 2007

Thomasville-- Dog parks have become some-what of a trend, but it's a first for Thomasville.

 "This is something that's been going on, we're just catching up," says Kim Arrington, director of operations for the local Human Society. She says in this day in age a park like this is just what dogs need.

"A lot of dogs are cooped up now inside while people are at work, it gives the dog a chance to run and play and get some of that energy out," says Arrington.  Depending on you're dog's weight, there are three separate fenced in play areas where dogs can get off the leash and run around, or get a cool drink of water.

With this brand new playground, the dog park isn't just great for dogs.  Iit's fun for kids. . .and maybe even adults too.  "The family's can come out and play together. They bring their dogs and while they're in there with their dogs, they have the playground for the kids to play on," says Arrington.

While the dog park is a fun place for everyone to enjoy, there are some rules that need to be followed.  "Want everybody to know, have your dogs vaccinated, current rabies tags on the dog when they come," Arrington says.

Also, make sure your dog gets along well with others, because this place will no doubt soon be packed with pets. 

Saturday's grand opening kicks off with a one-mile pet walk, at 9 a.m., health screenings, blood donations, pet adoptions, a K-9 demonstration by Thomasville police, activities for kids, and lots more.



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