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Meningitis vaccine recommended

May 18, 2007

Albany-- Southwest Georgia Public Health officials are now encouraging high school seniors that plan to enroll in college, to get vaccinated against meningococcal meningitis.

College freshmen living in student housing are at an increased risk of contracting the rare and sometimes deadly disease that strikes nearly 3,000 Americans each year. Health officials say plenty of vaccine is now on hand, and that the inoculations are a quick and necessary safeguard.

"I think it's important that one get the meningitis vaccine that prevents individuals from getting the meningococcal disease, which is a disease that is highly noted in college freshmen, because they are living in a dorm type setting and also it is required for college freshmen to have it in order to live in a dorm" said Suzette Profit. 

Ten to twelve percent of those infected with Meningococcal Meningitis will die. Many of those who survive will have some form of long-term disability.  The current vaccine protects about ninety-percent of individuals who receive it.



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