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Getting all the gas you're paying for?

May 18, 2007

Albany  --  So how do you know that when you pay for a gallon of gas, you're really getting a gallon of gas?     

Tony Davis is an inspector for the Department of Agriculture.  He visits and inspects gas stations every day to make sure that the pump gives every drop of gas you pay for.

First, he checks to make sure there's no water in the tanks. Then he pumps five gallons of gas from each pump and makes sure it measures up.      

If it doesn't, stores must re calibrate their pumps, and can even be shut off until they get it right.     

He says normal wear and tear on the equipment may cause less or more gas to be pumped out. "When you get through, add up the price to make sure it adds up to the correct price," says Davis.     

Davis says the inspections help both the business and consumer, making sure you're not paying for more than you're getting or getting more than you've paid for.


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