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Attorney General wants to protect college campuses

May 17, 2007

Albany - - A recent report says there are an average of 20 murders on college campuses each year. Now, Georgia's Attorney General has a plan to beef up campus security. 

Thurbert Baker is creating a task force of attorneys general nationwide to examine legal issues related to school violence and safety to help ensure safe learning environments.

Officers with Albany State's police department welcome the idea, especially after the recent Virginia Tech massacre.  

"It makes you think about what's going on. It doesn't matter if you have 1000 police officers patrolling campus, if someone wants to do something to hurt someone, they're going to find a way to do it. What were trying to do is put measures in place to prevent that. We cant guarantee 100 percent its not going to happen, but if it does happen we want to be able to respond," says Assistant Chief John Fields.

A.S.U. President Everette Freeman was recently appointed head of Georgia colleges' Emergency Response Committee.

Attorney General Baker leads the National Association of Attorneys General.


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