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Two South Georgia colleges at odds

May 17, 2007

Two Albany colleges are at odds over duplicated educational programs. 

Albany Tech President Dr. Anthony Parker says he's disappointed Darton will soon offer a new logistics program. Albany Tech already offers logistics classes and he believes the two programs would overlap.

Parker asked Darton President Dr. Peter Sireno to re-consider since Sireno last year asked that Albany Tech not offer a Medical technology program already available at Darton.

Parker says he honored that request, but Darton won't return the favor.  

"If there's a requirement of necessary duplication where one particular institution can not resolve the employment needs of the community then there is a need to have two institutions deliver the program. I'm hoping we can review our proposals and see if there is indeed a need to have two programs. I'm not quite sure yet," Parker says.

Darton's President was unavailable Wednesday. The chair of Darton's business department, Wayne Yesbick, says the logistics program has been in the planning stages for three years and was approved by the Board of Regents. He says Darton's program is more in-depth and won't duplicate Albany Tech's.


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