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Thomas County makes plans for the future

May 17, 2007

Thomasville--  While still maintaining small-town southern charm, Thomasville is a growing city. With growth, come changes. 

That's why both county and city planning departments are busy working on a plan for the future.  "Evaluating where we're at, developing goals and implementation measures to take us to the future, anticipating different growth methods and such," says city planner Duane Treadon.

A comprehensive plan is state mandated and is done every 20 years, but this time's a little bit different.  "In 2005, The Georgia Department of Community Affairs changed the rules on the comprehensive planning. In the past it was pretty much less citizen participatory project," says Treadon.

For this plan, community input is key.  And the city and county are using a couple of different methods to get it.  "We have had public workshops at the chamber of commerce and also at the public library just to get public input," Treadon says.

The largest source of community feedback comes from online Vision surveys. There are separate one for the city and county and can be found at their websites.  "It's an easy opportunity and an easy way for citizens to log on at their own convenience and be able, take the time to answer the questions not in a public forum where they're having to compete to have their point said," said Treadon.

The surveys cover topics from growth and development to transportaion, historical preservation, housing and many other issues.   "It's an overall kind of assessment of where the citizens would like to see the direction for the future of growth and development for Thomasville and Thomas County," says Treadon.  Because a sound plan now ensures a bright future for a town with roots deep in the past. 

City and county planners hope to have the joint comprehensive plan finalized by the end of the summer.




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