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Busiest time of the year for military recruiters

May 17, 2007

Albany -- Most high school seniors graduate this week, and military recruiters say many are checking on the military for their future.

Monroe High Senior Alexandria Parks talks with her Air Force recruiter, making sure her status report is ready.  Parks graduates high school this week, and has already enlisted. "The Air Force is what I've leaned towards most, because they care about education and quality of life," Parks said.

Air Force Recruiter Sgt. Lewis McCoy says Parks is one of many graduates he is meeting with, during a very busy week. "I really have. Yesterday I had an office full of students all day long.  I didn't get out of my office till 11:30 last night," McCoy said.

McCoy says many South Georgia high school seniors are  coming into military recruiting offices this week. "A lot of young people I guess they have not made plans.  They are scrambling toward the end of the year, trying to figure out what they want to do.  They are coming to the Air Force office to see what kind of opportunities we have for them."

Parks proudly shows off her ROTC class picture,  and admits she has wanted to join the military since she was a little girl.   Parks says the war in Iraq did not make her change that dream. "It wasn't a hard decision.  It's something that irregardless [sic] of if there is a war or not, you want to do it.  That drive, that will, that passion, that desire to want to do it overrides there being a war at all."

McCoy said "I'm really surprised at how many parents are supportive of their kids coming in.  But I'm not really surprised at the number of young people coming out."

McCoy says most South Georgia students he meets with are very patriotic, and looking for a career that can help them with their education.  And he says he is meeting a lot of them now. 

Parks hopes to pursue a college degree in forensic science while she serves in the Air Force.  Her reporting date is July 10th.

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