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ADDU short officers

May 17, 2007

Albany-  The Albany Dougherty Drug Unit has made 80 more arrests this year over last year after targeting street level dealers, but still can't go after bigger cases because of a shortage of drug agents.

The 24 person unit is down to only 19 agents right now. The drug squad is comprised of 12 city police officers, six from the county and six from the sheriff's office.

The county's only one short one and Chief Don Cheek says that'll be filled in two weeks. The city is short four officers on the drug unit, and City Manager Alfred Lott says top priority right now is filling vacant slots on APD, then the drug squad slots will be filled.

"The drug unit because of the type of work and the complexity of some of the investigations, if you're short personnel it takes away from the mission accomplishment there's no question about that," said Dougherty County Police Chief Don Cheek.

Chief Cheek serves on the board that oversees the drug unit. So do the Sheriff, City Police Chief, and District Attorney.  APD Police Chief James Younger is interviewing for slots on the drug unit and expects to fill one position by the month's end and another in June.



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