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Thirteen years of perfect attendance for Lee County student

May 16, 2007

By: Cade Fowler

Leesburg -- Like many high school seniors, David DeReuse is wrapping up his last day of school. But this future UGA freshman, has a special reason to celebrate.

1994, that's the year David DeReuse started Kindergarten. Thirteen years later the Lee County High School senior will graduate from high school with 13 years of perfect attendance

There are 180 days in an average school year. If you mutiply that by 13 you get 2,340 days of school. DeReuse agrees, this is not a modest feat.

"You know when you throw it like that, it's seem kind of overwhelming, that many days. Thirteen is such a small number. When you throw in the days, it sounds like a much bigger accomplishment," says DeReuse.

And a rare accomplishment at that. According to Lee County High Principal Kevin Dowling, an achievement like this does not go unnoticed.

"For him to make it through 13 years without being out, that's just amazing. You can almost say it's miraculous."

Even David's classmates admire his hard work and discipline, tough there is a little joking involved that had planned to tie him to a chair on the last day so he coudln't make it to school.

"We had talked about it one time, but I don't think we could ruin something like for him," says Josh Wade, a classmate of DeReuse.

According to Cesar Rodriguez, "It's pretty awesome."

"It's surprising he's never been sick and missed a day," says classmate Mary Burnette.

As the minutes wind to the final bell of the school year, David has a little time to reflect upon his 13 years of hard work.

"Its been interesting and I've done it."

Indeed you have David.

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