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Tifton police arrest robbery suspects, looking for others

May 16, 2007

Tifton - - Two people accused of robbing an elderly man at a Tifton fast food restaurant remain in the Tift County jail, but police are still looking for two robbers in another case.

Police say they're concerned about those brazen robberies and they hope someone can help them track down the crooks on the loose. 

When 86-year old Arby's employee Albert Graham opened the restaurant Tuesday, he never expected to be jumped and cut by a man with a knife.

"He was pretty shaken up couldn't believe that somebody would do this. People always think how does this happen to me. Well it did," says Detective Shane Benefield.

Police say 20 year old Courtney Green ran off with Graham's wallet after hearing from another Arby's employee, 22 year old Santana Johnson, the man had money.

Green cut an off-duty officer before the cop took him to jail.

Over at Lil Pantry Convenience store, two black men went up to an employee as he was leaving the shop. They saw him holding a bag and demanded he hand it over.

The robbers probably thought they were getting away with a lot more than they did.

There was no money in the bag, only.... "lunch boxes and potato chips," store owner Heena Patel says.

It may sound funny but police take things like this seriously.

"Anytime we have anything like that it's a big deal because you don't know what they're going to escalate to the next time there going to do something," Benefield says. 

The two men, one wearing a black ski mask, had a hand gun.

"Next time whose to say they're not going to use that gun," Benefield says.

They ran to the back of the store and got away. Store owners plan to put a stop to that problem.

"Were going to put the fence over there because people run over there so were going to put the fence over there," Patel says.

To tell them they cant get away so easily, while police say they're not letting criminals off easy when they try to rob you.

Officers say if you have any information about the two men who entered the store, call Tifton Police. As for the Arby's employee, he's doing well and will return to work soon.

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