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Albany drivers experience road rage, too!

May 15, 2007

Albany--  Have you ever seen an angry driver just lose it behind the wheel? A new survey shows drivers in Miami have more road rage than those in any other city. Atlanta came in 12th.  News 10 talked to drivers in Albany who say Atlanta isn't the only Georgia city with aggressive drivers.

Road rage: Most of us will experience our fair share of it.

"I'll be fussing everyday," says Margaret Hall.

"I don't like nobody to tailgate me that really upsets me," says Larice Cooper.

And just the slightest sound can easily set a driver off.

So what's the biggest cause for road rage? That would be not using your blinker. In fact, a study found that 57 percent of drivers don't use it regularly.

"You got to stay cool. You can't just jump on them because they didn't turn their blinkers on," says Larice Cooper, who can't stand slow drivers. "I know you're not supposed to exceed the speed limit but you can at least go 45," says Cooper.

But for most drivers--slow driving isn't the problem. Instead it's: "Speeding!" says Margaret Hall.

Before Margaret Hall turns on her car's ignition. "I pray everyday before I get in my car, okay," she says.

That's because she's seen one too many crazy drivers on the road.  "Yes, practically everyday. They come up behind you real fast, and then they get in front of you and then pass you, and then they don't be really going no where!" says Hall.

"These are the people that get up right behind you, and feel that you're in their way," says Lt. Tom Jackson, a Dougherty County Heat Unit who targets aggressive drivers.

"We actually stop them. We make citations for it, and it is a jailable offence," says Jackson.

In an effort to keep you safe, his special team of officers ticket them regularly. "We'll actually spot them from a distance, and we'll make a stop on them," says Jackson.

Giving drivers like Margaret and Larice, some piece on mind.

 "Oh, yes," says Hall.

"We're going to have to sit down and gather ourselves together," says Cooper.

Before careless driving leads to something more serious. The auto club AutoVantage conducted that survey. It found the nicest drivers are in Portland, Oregon; Pittsburgh; and Dallas.



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