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Potholes won't pave an alley

May 15, 2007

Albany - Just because it looks bad and has potholes, doesn't mean the alley behind your home will get resurfaced. Albany Public Works director Phil Roberson says a city ordinance prevents resurfacing alleys unless it's too difficult for a utility or public safety vehicle to get through.

He says looking bad simply isn't enough of a reason to spend big money on the alleys. The primary purpose for paving alleys is to keep sand and other debris from getting into storm drains. "Anytime we can pave an alley or any other sort of runoff source and eliminate a lot of that sand and dirt and debris then we try and do that," he said.

There are $3 Million in sales tax money available to pave alleys, but Roberson says the cost of paving alleys has doubled and in some cases tripled in the past several years.

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