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Employers meet with job seekers at Thomas County job fair

May 15, 2007

Thomasville-- Searching for a job can be a draining experience, especially if you're going door to door filling out applications.

When fifty employers are gathered in one room, waiting to talk to you, it makes things much easier.  That's what hundreds of job seekers found out who went to the Department of Labor's career fair in Thomasville Tueday afternoon.

For Heidi Faircloth, turning in resume's is not a new experience.  "I've been looking for a job for about 2 months now," she says.

But she's found that these recruiters and business reps are much more receptive than the places she's been searching.  "Mostly on the internet, newspapers, things like that. But I think this is better because you can actually talk to somebody and get information face to face," Faircloth says.

And that extra bit of contact can give you a serious advantage.  Mel Wages, Employment and Training Consultant for the Georgia Department of Labor explains,  "they don't just see you're resume or application they see your face, they see your personality and it gives them an idea at the type person they may be hiring."

Hundreds of job seekers of all situations spoke with the 48 companies at the fair.  "You have not only people who may be out of work but you have people that are not happy where they're at.  A lot of the people that come to these job fairs actually have jobs but they're looking to improve their job situation as well," says Wages.

Faircloth's task is doubly challenging, looking for herself and her husband as well. But she's happy with what she's found here.  "There's a lot of different options, a lot of things for women and a lot of things for men as well," says Faircloth. 

Whatever you're situation, the best advice is to be prepared.  "You want to put you're best foot forward, and make a great impression. A firm handshake, a big smile, will go a long way today," says Wages.

Along with those, Faircloth has brought one more thing.  High hopes for she and her husband. "Hopefully find him a job where he doesn't have to work 75 to 80 hours a week and hopefully find me something too," she says.

Right now Georgia's unemployment rate of 4% is slightly lower than the national average at 4.5%.  The Georgia Department of Labor has fifty-three career centers in the state, and does job fairs for all of them.

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